The Lambo Wars – Al Ain Chapter

Last Friday, we had the honor of covering one of the monthly meets of the UAE Lamborghini club. Six bulls drove to Jabal Haffet from Dubai marking their first event outside Dubai. Gallardos, Huracans & Aventadors lined up at the Green Mubazzarah Park at 1 p.m and within minutes, a crowd had formed around the cars filled with people waiting to take pictures with them, making it almost impossible for our photographers to get a good shot.25378183955_0426fec778_k

Watching them, we realized something. Lamborghinis attract way more attention than any other sports or supercar imaginable. In an age when the word horsepower is as ubiquitous as prepositions and land speed records are being broken every year, one can’t help but wonder what makes a Lamborghini so special. Yes, it’s fast, powerful, and good looking, but so are most of the sports and luxury cars that are launched every day. No matter, the model, specs, or age, a Lamborghini will always be looked at in admiration. It’s not just a car anymore, it’s an icon, a symbol of wealth and prestige. Pop culture has immortalized the image of Lamborghini as one of opulence and power. We all grew up watching them on television and on the streets, dreaming that one day we would be the ones sitting behind the wheel, having an absolute beast of a machine at our control. It’s safe to assume that every member of the club had the same dream when they were younger and how proud they must feel now that it’s true.

james GTR

After lunch, the bulls headed towards the Jabal Hafeet summit. We found it incredibly hard to keep up with them even though they were driving at a reasonable speed. Watching them turn corners on the spiraling road is a sight to behold. When we finally caught up with them at the summit a couple of minutes later, we realized that we were too late. The cars were surrounded by at least fifty people, all taking pictures and admiring the cars. Driving down from the summit, we found a better, less crowded spot to do a photoshoot where we were finally able to get an interview with the club founder, Mr. Faisal Al Khoory.


Which one of these wonderful beasts belong to you? When did you buy it? Describe it to us.

I own the red Huracan 2015. I bought it in April last year. It’s an amazing car and I’m absolutely in love with it.

Have you ever taken it on track?

Only once, but I do plan on doing it again with the club.

Do you push it to the limit?

Very rarely. I don’t speed very often in it. I love the car way too much to risk anything.

How many kilometers have you covered on it?

Only twenty thousand (laughs). I drive it around a lot. I enjoy every single drive and I want to do as much of it as possible.


Have you done any work on it?

Of course. I’ve added the DMC’s Huracan Kit, with carbon fibre front lips, side Skirts, rear Diffuser, rear Spoiler, rear wing and Forged Alloy Wheels.

When did you start the Lamborghini club? Are you an official club?

I founded the club in November last year.  We will be recognized as an official club by the end of this month after coordinating with the local Lamborghini dealership.

What are the main events of the club?

We meet once a month, usually at cafes and restaurants in Dubai Occasionally, we get calls from companies to show our cars at their events. We’re also planning to have a track meet very soon. The meets and events are organized by our event coordinator Glenn.


At around 4 p.m., the club decided to call it a day and head back to Dubai. Watching them drive away one after another on the downward spiraling road, we are reminded of our childhood dream of owning a Lamborghini, envying and admiring them simultaneously, wishing we could feel what they feel. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a dream worth living for.


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Enjoy !!!

Editor :Rohit, Driveaholic

Photography : Chris Johnson, James  GTR & Sambhram Aivalli,  Driveaholic 

Videography : Chris Johnson,  Driveaholic



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